Back on Track

Back on Track

Oh dear! It’s been several weeks since my last blog post. But I believe I have some good excuses for that:

1. The Christmas holidays

2.A trip to Europe

3.My forthcoming BOOK

If you’re a woman, then you were probably the number one person in your family household responsible for the holidays. That may include the baking, the shopping, wrapping, and sending gifts along with the tree and decorations. Don’t forget the Christmas cards too. Most of all; the timetable: getting it all done and on time!

On my refrigerator was taped a dozen lists of “things to do”. That included the Viking Cruise trip on the River Danube. There’s so much to do before turning on the front porch light and locking the door behind as you head out tho the airport. (I’ll write a post on this trip soon.)

My book, The Travel Writer’s Wife, is finished. Well, at least my part of it is. It took me a year and three weeks to write it. Of course not all the days during that time were devoted to the writing. I had a lot of travel and family obligations that deterred me away from it.

Most of the time I wasn’t able to do a “Hemingway-sit-down-and-type-for-several-hours”. My usual routine was to go to the library and feel content that I was able to put in 2-3 hours of writing. Little by little, it finally got done.

It was a challenging project for me because I don’t consider myself a writer; I’m more visually an artist. But reflecting back, I learned a few things. My spelling improved. Especially regarding the words: definitely and inevitably.

My typing sped up considerably and I learned how to research facts on the internet although looking up factual information held me back. At times I would get so caught up reading interesting material regarding a subject that time would fly by without any writing getting completed!

I drew 136 illustrations just to perk up the pages a bit. When the last sketch was drawn and the last word of the epilogue typed, I resounded a big “YES!” It was a satisfying feeling indeed! The cover has been designed and when the printed versions are available, I’ let it be known how to purchase a copy.

In the meantime, I plan to go over my list of projects that I’ve been desiring to get to. The laptop will be pushed to the side of my long desk and I think a blank canvas will be propped up waiting to be covered with some colorful paint. I look forward to it!

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