Introducing: The Newly Released “The Travel Writer’s Wife”

Introducing: The Newly Released “The Travel Writer’s Wife”


A wet blob of what I thought was saliva trailed down across my lower left cheek. Not being able to see what I was doing, I tried to wipe it off with the back of my hand. I continued to bicycle on my way home from the dentist.

When I walked in the door, I looked in the mirror to see that my face and teeth were covered in blood. Apparently, going over a bump in the road, I unknowingly bit the inside of my lip. The Novocain from the dental work totally erased the feeling on the left side of my head, including my nose. A wheel spoke could have jabbed through my skin and I wouldn’t have felt a thing.

As I was cleaning my face in the mirror, I glanced down at the dining room table holding a box of my newly printed book, The Travel Writer’s Wife. I smiled a red-tooth smile. It was such an accomplished feeling seeing it there; all finished with an official front and back cover.
It was nearly a year of writing with interruptions of travels, family happenings, and just general day-to-day obligations. My book is a travel memoir about some of the adventures, (both big and small), that my travel-writer husband, Ron, and I took. He has also covered these trips on his website:

I’ve taught classes on how to keep a travel art journal (whether you are an artist or not). My journals were the catalyst for writing this book. As I looked back through the pages for writing ideas, I was amazed at how many details and events I had forgotten about. I’m so grateful I jotted them down. A chapter of instructions is included about recording your own personal adventures.

Regarding some more travels, I wrote about the emerging East Berlin, where to purchase Turkish Delight candy in Paris, riding a horse on a Dude Ranch, and flying a multi-million dollar flight simulator. Along with: where to visit a zoo with no live animals, vintage train rides, blue corn onion rings, to eat horse meat or not to eat horse meat, and European Christmas Markets.

One of the frequent questions I am asked is how I pack. After several years of trial and error, I’ve got it down. Some of those tips are in my chapter, The Art of Packing.

I’m an avid reader myself and I don’t mind at all when photos or sketches are placed in a book. So I drew more than 130 illustrations to add a touch more insight and a bit of humor.

The Travel Writer’s Wife is now available on Amazon and within a few weeks also on Kindle. Is this a plug for my book? You bet it is!

Now, the lesson to be learned is: drive, don’t bike home from a dentist visit.

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