Review- Newby Tea London

Review- Newby Tea London

Written by Ron Stern

My wife and I have been avid tea drinkers for decades. In her case, she caught the British tea bug when she lived in London attending art school.

After introducing me to the enjoyment of tea she parlayed her passion for Afternoon Tea by teaching this throughout Colorado at libraries, colleges, senior centers and even at United Airlines for their employees.

Since there are so many options for the consumer, it is easy to get overwhelmed by which brand or type of tea is the best. Are the lower cost tea bags best? What about loose-leaf tea? Then there are domestically processed teas and international brands, many of which are locally available at big box stores.

What’s more, many teas contain high levels of fluoride which could cause health concerns. According to the company, “Newby is one of the few tea companies in the world that only buys second flush black teas and does not mix them with cheaper varieties. That is why we are showing lower fluoride levels.”

So, with that information, we decided to try Newby. Their catalog includes beautifully packaged silken packages, boxes, tea bags, loose leaf, and flowering teas.

The company’s founder, Nirmal Sethia decided that his teas were going to do everything right, from harvesting to processing to preservation and packaging. Quality control is everything and even storing the teas at the proper humidity is carefully controlled at their facility in India. They are also independent, meaning they are not compelled to use one specific tea garden and can obtain their teas from the best around the world. In fact, only about 5% of the teas grown throughout the world meet the standards for inclusion in their products.


The first one I tried was their jasmine princess which came in foil packed sachets. The foil serves to protect the contents of the tea after packaging in order to preserve the freshness. The flavor was fresh and vibrant, which is what I love in a jasmine tea. I usually add some sweetener like stevia but this one was so good, I enjoyed it straight.

There are many varieties and collections from which to choose such as their gourmet collection which includes Majestic Himalaya, Rare Assam, and Special Formosa, to name a few. Some of the best hotels and restaurants carry their award-winning Newby silken pyramids and tisanes.

In addition to providing top-quality, great tasting tea, Sethia is also committed to preserving the history of this age-old tradition. Their Chitra Collection includes a comprehensive collection of tea antiques spanning thousands of years of history. Some of the artwork that inspired the collection adorns their packages.

Our cupboard is stocked with Newby Tea and when we travel, we take the packets with us. Knowing that we are getting the best in quality and products that are safer for our health are simply non-negotiable for our family.

To order Newby for yourself visit their e-boutique at

All of the samples of tea mentioned in this story were provided by Newby Tea at no cost. Still, all of the opinions in this review are the authors.


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