Sahajan: Product Review

Sahajan: Product Review

There comes a time in life when a woman has to face the harsh reality that old age is slowly creeping in, especially on one’s face. But then one could take a positive mental stance and do something about it.

My recent facial session revealed a dehydration of the skin. I had to confess to the cosmetologist that my skin care regimen hasn’t always been my top priority. She suggested I try some natural skin care products.

As fortune would have it, I was offered the chance to sample a new line developed by Sahajan which promised “Clinically tested natural skincare with groundbreaking results.” Big claims to be sure but my husband and I are big on natural products and have used therapeutic oils for years so I was more than willing to give it a try.

Pictured is their Protective Face Serum

One of their popular skin care line products is the Ritual Body Oil to help hydrate and restore the skin’s natural glow. The unique blend of Ayurveda ingredients includes a trio of coconut, almond and sesame oils. The oils were easily absorbed into my body and facial skin and I surprisingly loved the result. My skin is normally dry from the Colorado weather but after a single application, my skin felt soft and moist. More importantly, this seemed to last for a good part of the day. This was a big plus for me as I would normally have to slather on some sort of cream or lotion every few hours.

Next, I tried the Nourish Face Cream. When I opened the jar, I discovered something new I had never seen before in skin care products: a rich café latte colored cream rather than the usual white. When I applied it to my face, it felt creamy, silky and highly moisturizing.

One of the things that the founder, a former pharmaceutical rep, believes is in “evidenced-based” skin care. Their website lists the three steps that they take to ensure that their products provide more than just a subjective experience and based on clinical science. In the case of the Nourish Face Cream, they state that 100% of participants experienced improvements in fine lines and wrinkles after just 6 weeks. 100% also said that their skin felt more hydrated and looked brighter after use.

I have always looked for products that can help me with a perfect regiment to make my skin be the best it can be. My skin is now fresh and healthy looking. I believe my search has happily ended on a positive note now that Sahajan has come across my face.

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