Zolo Grill

Zolo Grill

When it comes to some southwestern cuisine restaurants, the chefs are so proud of their red and green chile sauces, that the food is abundantly smothered in it. I usually scrape it aside with a spoon to see if there is a tamale or chicken thigh hiding beneath.

But this was not so at the Zolo Grill restaurant located in central Boulder,Colorado. Inside it felt like we were seated in a pueblo dwelling with long wooden branch poles hanging across the ceiling. The rustic contemporary art on the wall and the low cozy lighting made us feel comfortable in this southwestern ambience. Immediately we were able to determine that this was a friendly and casual place to be. Many of the employees have been there for quite some time; there definitely is a family feeling among them.

All the food, including the meats, ribs, dressings, chorizo sausages, sauces, and desserts, are made from scratch. The menu changes seasonally and many of the ingredients are sourced from local farms. Meats are brined and sometimes smoked for as long as three days.

The cuisine can be described as southwestern, upscale and gourmet but assessable to everyone. We tried the Queso Fundido appetizer, barbeque beef brisket, butternut squash poblano tamales, and the chicken enchiladas. The popular banana cream pie has been on the menu since their opening in 1994.
They sure are doing something right because after 21 years in business, the staff are now welcoming a second generation of loyal customers to Zolo Grill.  Not to mention, it was such a pleasant surprise to visually see the delicious food served before us!


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